Home of ‘Mirroring Magic,’ and the forthcoming ‘Forgiving Heaven’
Plaza de Cervantes, Santiago de Compostela
A Gramola, Cervantes Plaza
Santiago de Compostela
Barada del Camino
Rúa de Puente la Reiña
Mercado de Abastos, Santiago de Compostela

Mirroring Magic is a true tale of real magic, of both the high spiritual and the purely supernatural. It is the story of what this involvement with the otherworldly has been in my life and where it has led me. It is a window onto what my life has been, and is still being, now nearly seventy years on. In the similitude of Miguel Cervantes, writing Don Quixote in an attempt to counter the fantastical tales of knightly knocking about so popular in his own day, I offer this true tale of real-life magic to the world in counterpoint to the many stories of fantastical adventure the world thrills to now, the difference being this is real. Though not as action-packed as these contemporary works of pure fantasy it might yet carry more actual and true interest, as it is true, especially if truth is of interest, it being of all importance, for the path of magic is founded in truth, not make-believe, in reality, not in the unreal, in real magic, not in magical thinking. At its heart this book is about truth, the very spirit of truth, how truth is of all importance. Mirroring Magic spans three months time, from mid-March to mid-June of 2017, first in Spain, then England, then back in Spain on the Camino, while yet reaching back into the past to shore up the ongoing present. It is the companion volume to Forgiving Heaven, the furtherance of this most marvelous, fascinating, intriguing and delightful true story. I believe this true story is truly for the few. You might want to find out if you’re one.

~S.Preston Chase, Devcriceo


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From the Forward:

“This book occupies the uncertain world of the ad hoc off-balance, having a certain uncertain certainty, one foot holding center, one foot doing the hokey-pokey, though some might say the hocus-pocus, others might say the bunk, hogwash, bull and hokum. It’s a dance which a rhythm all its own, though some will recognize the cadence, the resolution of the syncretic conversion of a specifically abstract form into variations of the same aspect of understanding; pitching pennies against a line drawn in the sand, waves coming in to wash the slate clean, the next day the beach looking like it has never known water.

“You know you’ve arrived when you find yourself staring at the back of your head.”

~Morty, aka, ‘Not Parabola Squiggle,’ McNaught


“This story can probably best be approached in the similitude of taking a shower, where one doesn’t have to understand water at all, that thing of two hydrogens and one oxygen, pinning a name tag on reality and calling it good. You get in and get wet, let the water wash over you, feel good, get out and get dry, get back in the birchbark and move on.”


“It is this blending that we should be seeking, believing in the known rational as well as entertaining a rational belief in the unknown.”


“You will find this is mostly about what I don’t know.”


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